Authoring and Editing of Books

Authoring and editing of life stories 

Book Distribution of Changed Lives

Hooked -  Ernie's Life Story (English, Spanish, Chinese, Lithuanian, Russian, Teluga-India)

Prison Chains Broken (English,Indonesian, Braille) - Six life stories

Free At Last (English, French, Indonesian) -  Six life stories

Drug Deals Delivered (English, Indonesian) - Six life stories

You Can Be Free (Russian)  - Women's life stories

(available from Master's Foundation, Mississauga, Ontario)

You Can Be Free, Too (Russian) -  Ernie Holland's and Dave and Karen Hardy's life stories

On The Run (English) - Dave Brenn's life story

(available through the Master's Prison Ministry, Mississauga, Ontario)

Community Outreach

Ministry to those challenged with life addictions in the community.


Evangelism and Community Care

Sharing the gospel in prisons in prison chapel services, and with individuals.

Sharing the gospel in churches and community resources centres in the community.

Sharing the vision of  Hebron Ministries in the community.

Referral to Churches,  Self-Help Groups, and Government Agencies

Prison Correspondence

Letter writing by ministry and trained volunteers to prisoners nationally and internationally.

Prison Ministry

Encouraging inmate's in their spiritual journey while incarcerated.