We are dedicated to caring for people who are in prison physically, mentally and emotionally, due to crime, substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, and other challenges. We desire to bring to them the life changing message of the gospel, and see their lives transformed.

We are dedicated to care for persons upon release from prison, and for families affected by incarceration and crime.

Our vision is accomplished by offering a number of ministries and products to see lives transformed.

We are involved in prison chapel ministry, visitation on one to one basis with detainees or inmates, and families.  Personal correspondence with inmates is vital.

The distribution of books published by Hebron Ministries, which contain life stories of former inmates’ whose lives have been changed by Christ. These books are distributed, plus C.D.’s, and D.V.D.’s. to prison chaplains (see Products section). These changed lives bring hope to the reader and he/she will contact us.

The C.D.’s and DVD’s and books are also available to everyone.