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Sheila Hollands Story
by Sheila
Sheila relocated to Brockville, Ontario, and volunteered secretarial assistance to the Pastor from her apartment, while caring for her young family.  Ernie Hollands came to share his life story in Brockville in June 1977.  Sheila attended this meeting. She had met Ernie when he worked in Bailey’s Sport Store in Pembroke, and Ernie had ministered in their church.  Sheila and the children met with Ernie at a friend’s home for lunch. Then Ernie was off to speak in another city.  That next week Sheila had a personal encounter with Jesus which prepared her to accept Ernie with his history of 25 years in prison.  They met again at Lakeshore Camp in July.  Ernie was sharing his life story in the Adult Chapel. Sheila was ministering in the Children’s Chapel.  God brought their lives together, and confirmed to both of them His plans and purpose.  They were engaged 13 August 1977 and married in December 1977.  God had answered Ernie’s prayers and given him a ready made family.   Ernie’s dream was fulfilled as he spent his first Christmas with his new family.

 Ernie and Sheila shared the passion for reaching souls with the light of salvation and Christ’s love.  She took on the responsibilities of administration of the ministry, while Ernie would be travelling sharing his testimony and seeing God transform lives.  God continued to expand the ministry and Sheila had to call on volunteers to help with correspondence.God provided some wonderful opportunities for them to travel as a family during the summer months when the children were out of school.  In the midst of all this, God blessed their home with a bundle of “Joy” in September 1980.

 In 1982 Ernie returned from ministering in England, Scotland, and Wales, with a vision to have a home for those being released from prison.  In one month God provided the initial payment for Hebron Farm.  It was in God’s Timing as the farm began just in time to be included in Ernie’s biography called, “HOOKED”.   Hebron Farm was an additional responsibility for Sheila, when Ernie was away ministering, but God had provided the necessary training for Sheila, and gave us godly house parents.   Later, Hebron Farm expanded and moved to London, Ontario, area. 

 In 1991 God impressed on Sheila the need for Canadian prison literature – and book – “PRISON CHAINS BROKEN"was published.  We didn’t realize it then, but God was refocusing Hebron Ministries.    Over the coming years, as Ernie continued to minister in Canada and other countries, the books were being translated into other languages.

Since Ernie’s death in 1996 Sheila continues to write, edit, and publish books and speak on behalf of Hebron Ministries. She continues to see lives transformed by the love of Jesus, including, former inmates, and their families and those in the community.